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Waupun Tourney on the Turf Tournament Rules

Little League rules apply with the following amendments listed below:

  • All players must be 8 years of age or younger as of April 30 (current calendar year). Head Coach must present a copy of birth certificate if requested or player in question will be unable to play until proof of age is provided. Games in which an ineligible player is used will be declared a forfeit. Forfeited games shall be scored 10-0.
  • Home team to be determined by a coin flip prior to the start of the game for pool play. Team listed first on schedule is in first base dugout. Home team on Sunday will be the higher seeded team when applicable. If both teams are a #1 or #2 seed a coin flip will be used.
  • Regulation hard balls will be used for play. Waupun Baseball will allow players to use USA stamped bats not to exceed 2 5/8.
  • Games will last 6 innings or 1hr. No new inning will start after 1hr. Tie games after 6 innings will continue until the time limit is met. If the game is tied after 6 innings or the time limit has already been met, the California Tie-Breaker Rule will be followed. (Inning starts with a runner on 2nd base and 1 out. The runner on 2nd is the player who made the last out of the previous inning.) A new inning starts when the 3rd out is recorded. Umpires will have official time.
  • There will be no time limit for bracket games on Sunday. No California Tie Breaker on Sunday. Play extra innings as normal.
  • Innings will consist of 3 outs per at bat or a 6 run cap per inning. No run limit in the last declared inning, umpires decision. Players may bat more than once in an inning if it comes up.
  • A 10 run rule will be in place after 4 innings. 10 run rule does not apply to Championship, 3rd place, or consolation championship game.
  • Tournament Director has the right to change the format of the tournament or game time limits due to weather or other uncontrollable circumstances.

Batting/Base running:
  • All players on the roster must bat, a maximum of 15 players on a roster.
  • Batter will receive up to 7 pitches unless he/she strikes out swinging. If the 7th pitch is not put into play or fouled off it will be a strikeout. Bunting is not allowed. Players will receive one warning for a thrown bat. A thrown bat by the same player after warning will result in an out.
  • Helmets must be worn from the time the player leaves the dugout until the player returns to the dugout.
  • Pitches must be thrown from inside the pitching circle, between 42’-46’. Pitching underhand is not allowed, pitcher must be standing or kneeling. The pitching coach cannot field the ball. If the pitching coach is hit by the ball, the play is dead and counted as one of the pitches. In the event that the pitching coach is hit by the 7th pitch, the batter will get another pitch.
  • The ball is live until controlled by the pitcher (player) in the infield grass area. If a runner is more than half way to the next base, they may advance to that base at their own risk. If a runner is less than half way they must return to the base they were coming from. Runners may advance on overthrows until controlled by the pitcher (player) in the infield grass area. If an overthrow leaves the field of play, the runner will receive (1) base. Infield fly rule does not apply.
  • No stealing or leading off. Runners may leave the base once the pitch is contacted or crosses home plate. Players must slide feet first or avoid contact going into any base when being played upon. Players may go head first when diving back to a base. Runners leaving early will receive one warning (team warning), any violations thereafter will be called out.



  • Teams may have 10 players on the field defensively with a maximum of 6 infielders including a pitcher and catcher. Pitchers (player) must start with one foot on the edge of the pitching circle. Catchers must be in full gear. Outfielders must be on the outfield grass.
  • One coach per team may be in the outfield on defense with the players.
  • No player will sit on the bench more than two innings, unless the game goes into extra innings. All players must play in at least two defensive positions during the course of the game. This rule is still in effect in a shortened game. If a team is found in violation of this rule, 10 runs will be added to the “runs allowed” stat used during the tie breaker situation and determined by the tournament director.
  • Games may be played with as few as 8 players however the 9th spot in the order will be recorded as an out each time it occurs. Playing with 9 players is acceptable.
  • No baseballs will be taken out between innings for warm-ups
*NO CARRY-INS PLEASE. We have a great concession stand with food & drinks. This is a fund raiser tournament for our league and your support would be greatly appreciated.
*Please have your team ready to play 10 minutes after the completion of the game before you. If possible, games may start early if agreed upon by both teams. Teams must be on the field by their scheduled start time.

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