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Waupun Tourney on the Turf Tournament Rules

All rules follow the National Federation High School Rules

  • All players must be 14 years of age or younger as of April 30 (current calendar year). Proof of age may be required.
  • No gum, sunflower seeds or shelled peanuts allowed at Gus Thompson Field. (No concessions available at Schlieve Field.)
  • Pitchers are allowed 95 pitches per tournament. Violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of any game by the offending team. Intentional walks can be requested without having to throw a pitch. Once taken out as a pitcher the player may not re-enter as a pitcher in that game.
  • Games are one hour and forty-five minutes in duration or 7 innings. No new inning may begin after the one hour and forty-five-minute time limit or 7 innings unless the score is tied but the inning will be completed once started. Ties will not be played out in pool play (In pool play if a game is tied after 7 innings and time still exists then you will move to California Rules tie breaker and follow those rules until a winner is had or time expires. Same rules apply that if time expires no new inning may begin but you will complete the inning if started before time runs out). For extra inning games we will use California Rules. California Rules place the person who made the last out in the previous inning at second base to start the extra inning and 1 out on the scoreboard. Play then continues as usual. In the event of an injury the scorer will stop the time and restart after the game is ready for play.
  • The ball is to be returned directly to the pitcher after an out is recorded.
  • Only five (5) warm-up pitches are allowed between innings or after a pitching change.
  • Ten run rule applies after the fourth (4th) inning.
  • There is no time limit for bracket play games.
  • A team must have a minimum eight players to start the game. If the game is started with eight players, the 9th position is then an automatic out.
  • Any team, which does not take the field within twenty minutes of the scheduled start time, shall forfeit (7-0) the game upon the opposing team taking the field and throwing the first pitch. Any team that forfeits will also have all players on the roster assessed 3 innings pitched for the tournament. All teams should be to their field 30 min. prior to game start times and ready to play in case games need to be started early.
  • Team listed first is in first base dugout. Home team determined by coin flip for every game.
  • A runner must slide on a play at the plate. If the runner does not slide when a play is made on him at the plate he will be called out. If no play is made on runner at the plate he does not have to slide.
  • Rosters may be changed with the Tournament Coordinator prior to their first game. After first pitch of their first game rosters are frozen. A player may be on ONLY one roster for the tournament weekend.
  • No infield to be taken before any game. No hitting into fences. Please use the batting cages.
  • Courtesy runners may be used for the pitcher or catcher at any time, but must be used for the catcher when there are two outs. The runner must be a player who is currently not in the game and may not be used as a substitute for any other player in that same half inning. If no eligible player is available to courtesy run, then player who made the last out will only be allowed to run.
  • If using continuous batting order, substitutes may be used at any time. Players may re-enter the game at any time in their original batting order. If using a regular order a starting player may re-enter once, while a substitute may not re-enter.
  • No protests allowed. Decisions of the umpires, Field Marshals and Tournament Coordinator are final. Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to show good sportsmanship at all times. Use of noise making devices such as air horns and cow bells is prohibited. Violation of this rule will start with a warning and may lead to disqualification from the tournament at the discretion of the tournament coordinator.
  • Waupun Baseball will allow players to use USA stamped 2 5/8 or BBCOR.  The 1.15BPF is a USSSA and is not allowed
  • Tournament Coordinator reserves the right to make changes as necessary.
  • Any team that forfeits will be assigned 25 pitches to every player on that team.
  • Metal spikes are allowed.
  • The 1 hour and 45 minute game time limit will be frozen upon any weather delay and restarted upon the all clear for play to resume. Game time limits may be shortened due to longer weather delays. The tournament director reserves the right to change game time limits due to weather.
  • Tie breakers are as follows: Head-to-Head, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Coin Flip
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