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Welcome parents!  It is imperative you read this entire page before starting the registration process.  This is our first time having online registration.  We will also have 2 registration days in February.  Those will be held at the Werner-Harmsen Event Center located at 201 E. Jefferson St. in Waupun.  They are on Wednesday, February 13th from 5pm – 8pm and on Saturday, February 16th from 9am – 12pm.

Important Points:

  • If you are unsure which Division your child should be in you need to contact our Player Agent, Travis Hull, to help you figure things out prior to registering.
  • If you are outside the Waupun School District boundaries you may need to get a release from your home little league to play in Waupun.  All questions should be directed to Justin Schmidt.
  • Game dates and times will be posted after registration.  The player agent is looking to switch things up to maximize field usage.  Therefore, don’t plan on games being on same nights as previous years.
  • 6 work hours are required for each family regardless of how many kids are playing baseball.

Divisions Breakdown

Tee-Ball - $40.00

4 - 6 yr olds
This league is our introduction to baseball. We use a soft baseball, with 8-10 players per team. All hitting in this league is done off of a tee. Tee work is important for all baseball players, this offers an opportunity for games to move along and for fielding to take place. Outs and a score will not be recorded. Most of all this league is geared towards fundamentals and fun.
Players will play one game per week.

Rookies - $40.00

6 - 8 year olds
This league uses a softer core baseball, and teams consist of between 8 -10 players per team. They will keep track of outs and runs, but season standings will not be recorded. Six year olds should only move into the league if they have the ability to consistently hit off a coach pitching before joining this league.
Teams will play one game per week.

New to Minors - $75.00

7 - 9 year olds
This league was created to help introduce players to pitching, and hitting off live pitching. A coach will come in to pitch if a player reaches 4 balls. This allows for the development of young pitchers and hitters by eliminating walks. Seven year olds should stay in Rookies unless they are advanced in skill. Nine year olds may not pitch in New to Minors.
Teams will play one or two games per week, and standings will be kept.

Minors - $75.00

9 - 11 year olds
This league is for players ready for kid pitch baseball. All baseball rules are followed. Eleven year olds may not pitch in the Minors. Teams will play one or two games per week, and standings will be kept.

Majors – $75.00

11 - 13 year olds
This league is the last step in baseball before moving up to full size fields. Players age 13 may not pitch in this leagueTeams will play one or two games per week, and standings will be kept.

Juniors – $130.00

13 & 14 year olds
This league is made from area teams & starts after the HS season. Traveling to different cities to play is expected. Parents with children in this league and no other divisions are exempt from doing 6 work hours.

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Work Hours

Waupun Little League has been around for 57 years because of our volunteers.  With that said we understand that life is busy and sometimes you have no time to give.  We welcome significant others, extended family and older (over 16 years old) kids to help you complete your 6 work hours. 

The volunteer sign-up link will be posted sometime in mid April. 


Meet new friends by working in the concession stand!  2 of your 6 work hours need to be in the concession stand. 


Work one on one with our young players.  Patience is a must for this job but the rewards are huge. 

Fields Help

If the concession stand isn’t your thing we can always use help maintaining our complex. 

Base Umping

Parents can sign-up for New Minors, Minors and Majors games.  1 game equals 1 work hour. 

Special Circumstances

If you have a special circumstance which affects your ability to complete your work hours let us know.  We will do our best to find something you can do. 

Join Board

We welcome everyone to join the board.  It’s where all decisions are made for the league. 

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